Guild Challenges

Guild challenges:


Athena’s Thimble: We would pose two potential challenges to choose from, or combine the two!

As the East Kingdom’s Embroidery Guild we would like to encourage you to try a type of embroidery that you have not tried before. Blackwork, lacis, applique, needlelace – there are so many different ways to embroider, we challenge you to try something new and to show us your creation. Our website has information on many styles, and our Facebook Group is a lovely place to look for more inspiration and to get to know the Guild at For a more historically-inspired challenge, we challenge you to make a piece based off of a pre-1600 item – this can replicate a museum piece, something from a painting, or be based on period embroidery pattern books. For questions please contact the Guildmistress at Every person who enters this challenge will receive a token for their work.


Arachne’s Web:

Greetings lacemakers! The Guild of Arachne’s Web is the lacemaking Guild of the East. We are sponsoring two challenges depending on your interests. In our Guild we recognize bobbin lace, needle lace, lacis, openwork, and sprang as separate categories, and we would like to challenge you to attempt a form of lace in a category that you have never tried before. For ideas and information please see our Facebook group
We are also sponsoring a historic challenge: Make a piece of lace taken from the period pattern book of Le Pompe, found online at All people entering will recieve a token in thanks for sharing their lace.


Brewers’ Guild:

“On this occasion of celebration in the East, The East Kingdom Brewers’ Guild challenges you to research and redact a beverage that could be found on the table of a 16th century landed noble on an occasion worthy of celebration – a feast day, a wedding, a forging of an alliance, or any other celebration in which drinks might be shared! Entrants are asked to supply concise documentation – ideally no more than one page, including references – supporting the historical provenance of their beverage. A template for documentation (though it’s two pages long, so you’ll need to condense it) can be found on the EKBG website at
Entries will be judged according to the EKBG Competition rules. You can find the standards for a competition here: Our Competitions are a community-driven endeavor, so all entrants are invited to join in judging the entries – including their own! The top score will receive a prize, and everyone who enters will receive a token of appreciation. And if you need any help finding sources or writing documentation, feel free to ask the Guild for help! You can find us on Facebook or through our website!”