Heavy Weapons Armored Combat

Armored Combat at EK50

Rattan fighting, or Armored Combat, is as old as the Society and is one of the principal activities at most SCA events. The fighting activities at the EK50 celebration will highlight various examples of martial tournaments, demonstrations and classes that represent a sampling of the rich and diverse history of armored combat in the East Kingdom.

Marshall in charge

Duke Gregor von Heisler is an early 15th century Austrian knight. He has served two consecutive sentences as East Kingdom Earl Marshal and was summarily banished to the Swamps of Settmour.


  • 10am – Inspection point opens
  • 1pm – William Marshall Tournament


  • 11am – EK50 Grand Tournament
  • 8pm – Torchlight Beer Pit Tournament


  • 10am – 4 Person Team, Mixed Weapon Tournament
    Immediately followed by Chivalry vs the World Melee.
A pas d’arms demonstration will take place in the town square. Date and time to be determined.

There will be a series of martial classes ranging from melee tactics to period weapon form instruction. All classes will take place on the battlefield. Additional information will follow.

Details on the Tournaments will be posted here prior to the event.

If you would like to volunteer, have a suggestion or question, please contact him using the form below