Equestrian activities in the East Kingdom traditionally involve the reenactment of martial and hunting activities through use of spears, swords and lances from horseback, as well as archery, challenge courses that test the skill and control of horse and rider, and pageantry that shows our beloved steeds to their best advantage. Equestrian activities are a part of the East Kingdom’s heritage. In 1992 the SCA Equestrian activities were placed under the jurisdiction of the SCA Marshallate and a set of rules and guidelines were adopted. Since before that time and up through the present, horses have attended SCA events in the East.

Equestrians bringing their horses to East Kingdom 50 Year will have access to stalls, three arenas, an equestrian camping area, and trailer parking including RV hookups. Equestrian activities at East Kingdom 50 Year will take place on Friday and Saturday and will include martial competitions, including the competition to choose the Kingdom’s next King’s and Queen’s Champions of Horse. Tournaments may include ring tilting, behead the enemy, tentpegging, reed chop, and more, and activities may be run as single competitions or as a challenge course that weaves together a series of activities in a row.

If you wish to bring a horse or other equid to East Kingdom 50 Year, you must contact the Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge in advance to register and reserve space. You must also be prepared to provide applicable equine health paperwork on request. The site requires Coggins (EIA) and veterinary certificate of rabies vaccination within 12 months for all horses utilizing the showgrounds. Additionally, New York State requires a health certificate for horses coming from outside the state.

New York State laws applicable to equine transport can be found at the following link:
https://www.agriculture.ny.gov/AI/import_export/Horses.pdf .

In lieu of a standard 30 day CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, or ‘Health Certificate’), New York State accepts GoPass®. For more information about the 6 month CVI, please visit:
https://www.globalvetlink.com/products/digital-equine-6-month-passport/ .


Equestrian Schedule at EK50:

11:00 am – 2:00 pm (exact times still tentative) : Open Barn (come meet the horses)
5:00 pm (exact time still tentative) To Ride Before A Prince: a competition in showing the horse


9am – Noon: Kingdom Equestrian Championship – Challenge Course
1pm: Class (unmounted) for those interested in serving as ground crew for the joust
8:00pm: Kingdom Equestrian Championship – Skill Games and Finals


9am – Noon: Jousting competition and pageantry
4:00pm: Carousel Performance

All activities except Open Barn are currently scheduled to take place in the indoor arena.


If you would like to bring an equine to this event or have any questions, please contact Mistress Doucette de Verdun using the form below: