Heavy Weapons Armored Combat

Armored Combat at EK50

Friday 1pm – 5pm – Main Battlefield – Deed of Arms

The Mysterious Unnamed Company of Chivalric Combat (or MUCCC) is sponsoring a Feat of Arms. This is a Fundraising tournament benefitting the Royal Travel Fund.

The various Deeds include;

*5 man melees – tenants vs. challengers – Challenge can be either open field or at the barrier

*Sword in the Stone – x3 counted blows – single sword

*Dueling @ the barrier – matched weapons – counted blows

*Single sword at the barrier, or “the barrier rush”. Each side presents two combatants at the barrier fighting single sword, single blow. When a combatant is bested, a new combatant takes their place. Timed event.

To conclude;

*William Marshall Tournament – Ransom tourney. Entrants may buy tokens that will be used in the tournament for Ransoms. All proceeds will be donated to the Royal Travel Fund


Saturday – 11am – 4pm – Main Battlefield – EK50 Grand Tournament

Modified Double elimination, best weapon, until semi-finals.

Entrants will be divided into 4 pools and assigned to a quadrant of lists, pool participants will stick to their quadrant and compete in a double elimination until four remain from each pool. The remaining four combatants will advance to the final 16.

Final Field of 16 will have losses forgiven and a traditional double elimination will begin.

Semi/Finals – Best of 3 fights, multiple weapons. Combatant advancing from the losers list picks first. Winner picks second. Third, if necessary will be best form.

The field will be set up so that there are four quadrants of four lists, leaving a large area in between suitable for melee combat

After third round, all eliminated fighters may participate in a pas d’arms that will run in-between rounds in the area between the lists. As combatants are eliminated, they may join in. A “winner” will be chosen as the fighter who is deemed most valiant and chivalrous by the esteemed judges. Additional details will be announced at the Tournament.


Saturday 8pm – Town Square – Torchlight Beer Pit

Bear pit with a beverage entry fee as follows;

Sitting Royalty/Royal Peer – 6 pack or equivalent
Chivalry – 4 pack or equivalent
OTC – 3 pack or equivalent
Silver Tyger – 2 pack or equivalent
Non-Armigerous – 1 beverage

The Tournament will run 1.5 hours.
Points are awarded as follows;
2 points for victory
1 point for loss
Double kills are refought

Winner takes their pick of the spoils and shares the remainder with the vanquished.

Please Fight/Drink responsibly


Sunday 10am – 12 noon – Main Battlefield – 4 Man team, mixed weapons, tournament

No more than one Sitting Royal/Royal Peer per team
No more than 2 Chivalry per team (Includes Royal Peers)

Each team must be comprised of;

1 Polearm
1 Greatsword
1 Weapon/Shield
1 Two-Weapon

No duplicates.

Teams will be separated into pools.
Each pool run as a round robin, one team advances.
Advancing teams will run as round robin or as an elimination round depending on number of entrants.


Sunday 1pm-3pm – Main Battlefield – TBD Battles

Sunday 3pm – Main Battlefield – Chivalry’s Last Stand

The Chivalry of the Known World will stand against all comers in one final Battle to close the fighting activities of EK50.


Marshall in charge

Duke Gregor von Heisler is an early 15th century Austrian knight. He has served two consecutive sentences as East Kingdom Earl Marshal and was summarily banished to the Swamps of Settmour.


  • 10am – Inspection point opens
  • 1pm – William Marshall Tournament


  • 11am – EK50 Grand Tournament
  • 8pm – Torchlight Beer Pit Tournament


  • 10am – 4 Person Team, Mixed Weapon Tournament
    Immediately followed by Chivalry vs the World Melee.
A pas d’arms demonstration will take place in the town square. Date and time to be determined.

There will be a series of martial classes ranging from melee tactics to period weapon form instruction. All classes will take place on the battlefield. Additional information will follow.

Details on the Tournaments will be posted here prior to the event.

If you would like to volunteer, have a suggestion or question, please contact him using the form below