Performance Activities at EK 50 Year

Few places on earth hold the wondrous mix that is Bardic than in the Society. As a way to both connect deeply with the past and to help see our own Society histories into the future, the Bardic Arts have a special place in the performing arts.

It would be difficult to imagine a camping event without music and tales – and so for 50 Year we have many opportunities to listen, teach, learn, or perform.

Who Can Perform?

There’s room for everyone to perform and this event features many opportunities for folks of all levels of skill and experience!
Opportunities for every level of performer are available at this event, and the Performing Arts Staff will assist any performer who submits an application by recommending resources for you.

Classes, practice areas, open-mics, open bardic circles, and opportunities to talk personally with experienced performers are open to everyone, regardless of experience.

The main performance venues are not recommended for beginners, however, there are several open-stage opportunities which would be perfect for novices to gain experience and entertain at 50 Year! If you have questions, just ask us!


What Material Can Be Performed?

A note about performance material:
Performances should be “SCA-Appropriate” but may be from any time covered in the Society for Creative Anachronism. New works which are in historic style and “music of the modern middle ages” are equally welcome!

The event staff requests that all performers who are presenting under the auspices of the Performing Arts portion of the event, restrict their repertoire to works in the public domain, original pieces for which you own the copyright, and pieces which you have permission to perform.

The event’s policy for copyright and licensing is forthcoming; performers will need to review and sign that they understand it.

Any questions regarding what material can be performed at this event can be directed to the Performing Arts Coordinator, Aneleda Falconbridge using the contact form below.

Performance Venues

As much as bards like the quiet of an intimate campfire, it’s no surprise that many also enjoy showcased public performances. We welcome both performers and audiences to attend events in these spaces.

To arrange busking, please reach out to Aneleda Falconbridge using the contact form below.

Outdoor Stage Performances

Some daytime performances will be featured in our covered, raised Outdoor Stage. This family-friendly venue will feature a variety of performing arts, and all performers are welcome to apply to perform in this venue. Advance sign up for these activities is required. Please fill out the following form: Scheduled Performance Application

There will be an hour scheduled every day on the Outdoor Stage for “open sign ups for any performer” so please watch for that opportunity if you do not wish to schedule a performance time for yourself ahead of the event but would like to try your hand at performing in that venue!


Performing in the Town Square

Every village needs a town square and every town square needs performers! Our town square has a lovely tree under which performers will entertain during designated performance times.

Mistress Sabine is the coordinator of this space at the event and will confirm the schedule with those who wish to sign up for time in advance of the event.

Merchant Area Street Performing

There’s nothing like the sound of a street performance capturing the attention of a busy crowd!

Playing in front of the market crowd is a time-honored tradition for storytellers, song-spinners, minstrels, and other performing artists. An outdoor space in the market will be set aside for street performances of all kinds to delight and entertain passerby.

We are currently investigating the laws regarding busking at this site. We will provide updated information as available.


Special Events

We are looking forward to many great performances and also will play host to some unique experiences for the kingdom and her guests! The official schedule is TBD will be released closer to the event itself.

Have an idea for an event? Want to help with one listed below? Reach out to us and let us know using our contact form below

Sing for the East!

The Kingdom Anthem Sing Along invites any and all to lead the audience in Eastern songs! You pick a leader, pick an Eastern Anthem, and teach the audience your Anthem.

We anticipate offering this daily at the outdoor stage. You may decide how you want to teach the people, if via printed lyric sheets or easy repeated choruses, to aid the audience in joining in song.

If you are interested in performing, please come to the stage 15-30 minutes before the event begins to arrange with other performers.


The Demi-Decameron

Enjoy a sneak peak of some of the stories that will fill our eyes and ears at next year’s immersive performance of the tales of The Decameron.


Family Bardic Circle

Town Square will play host to a themed bardic each night with the first two hours giving priority to our younger performers!


Gathering of the Harpers

If you play a harp or like to listen to them, we invite you to a sharing circle of harps! The location will be the outdoor stage. You can play for each other or the audience or just meet each other and make new friends!


For the Love of the Bard

Bring and perform your favorite Shakespeare sonnets! We won’t compare you to the summer’s day, we promise!


Poetry of the Ages

Poetry sharing event; bring and read your favorite poems from the periods of SCA study.


Dance Band Jam

Want to play with some friends without the nervous pressure of having dancers reliant on your skills (yet?) Want to bring out something new to try together? The Jam is a perfect opportunity!


One Great Song

All performers start with one song! If you’ve a limited number of original songs but want to share, this is the event for you! Veterans are encouraged to bring and perform their first song. Priority will be given to first-time songwriters and storytellers!


Performance Classes

We welcome your class or workshop! All classes fall under the office of the A&S Class Coordinator, Rosina. She may be reached at here.

Bardic classes are welcome additions to the Performing Arts class track! Space is limited so sign up soon!
Informal Performances

Open Bardic Circles

Chief among the offerings for the East Kingdom 50 Year is a nightly Open Bardic Circle organized by performing arts staff. This space, set apart from camping areas, is available from dark until dawn for performers to spin tales and sing songs.*

The Center of Town will boast a Saturday Night, all-ages Bardic Circle, open to all comers.

Additionally, private camps are welcome and encouraged to host bardic circles.*

“Mug Your Gate” for Wandering Minstrels

Many performers shine in front of a small crowd in a comfortable camp, and many camps love having entertainers come visit for a couple performances!

When you “Mug Your Gate” it signals wandering performers that they are welcome to join your bardic circle or sing for your camp! Hang a mug adorned with ribbons on your camp gate (or in another prominent way) to show your desire for entertainment.


Application to Perform

Due to limited space and schedule availability, all performers must apply to perform at any public venue such as the stage as well as for scheduled Town Center performances and merchant street performances. (Any event other than the nightly bardic circle, which is open to all.) Performers of all ages and experience are welcome!!! If you want to perform, we will find a place for you!

It is available here: Scheduled Performance Application

Please note: the application is NOT required for any Bardic Circle. The staff will be filling slots as we go, so the earlier you submit your application, the better selection of performance opportunities you’ll have.

This form requires that you share a sample of your work via video, blog, website, or whatever you’ve got to help the staff anticipate what your needs may be, understand what you do, and to schedule a diverse program. If you have no samples, please let us know and we will work together to better understand your performances.

Opportunities for every level of performer are available at this event, and the Performing Arts Staff will assist any performer who submits an application by recommending resources for you.

Some portions of each day may be available for “open mic” style performances. We will do our best to accommodate any performer who wishes to share their gifts!