Rapier Activities

We are planning a diverse slate of tournaments, melees, classes, and discussions centered around the theme of East Kingdom Fencing: Past and Future. Please check back here for more details as the event draws closer. If you have an idea for something rapier-related you would like to see (or run!), please use the form below to contact the Marshal in

11-12 Inspections, Signups, Warmups
12-2 East Kingdom Trivia Tournament
2-4 Melee Games
2-4 By the Book Tournament (Town Square) (Donovan) — on Town Square schedule
4-5 Class: Fabris 101 (Phaedra de Vere)
4-5 Class: Applying the Messer to SCA Rapier (Robert Tytes)
5-7 Kenric æt Essex Memorial Charity Tournament
(7 PM Mini Court)
7-8 Cleanup, get dinner
8-9 Dinner and Class (History of Fencing in the East)

9-10 Inspections, Signups, Warmups
10-12 Pennsic Champs Tryout Tourney
12-1 Lunch break and Panel Discussion (Challenges for Women in Rapier)
1-3 Melee Field Battles
3-4 Class: Atajo for Beginning Diestros (Xavier the Sinister)
3-4 Class: Fabris’ Forte Guards (Donovan Shinnock)
7-9 Dinner and Panel Discussion (Future of Fencing in the East)

9-10 Inspections, Signups, Warmups
10-12 Nostalgia (Light Weapons and Math) Tournament
12-1 Lunch break and Class: Studying Historical Fighting Manuscripts (Lorenzo Gorla)
1-3 Melees – Pennsic Combined Heavy/Rapier War Point Practice
1-3 C&T demo and tournament — on Town Square schedule
3-4 Class: Maximizing Your Range (Millicent Rowan)
3-4 Class: The Sword in Two Hands – Fiore de’i Liberi: the “Stable” Guards (Lorenzo Gorla)
4+ Breakdown, cleanup

Bio: Lilias de Cheryngton is a rapier marshal at large in the Shire of Quintavia. She joined the Society in A.S. 32 as the Provost of Felding (Wellesley College) in the Barony of Carolingia. In addition to rapier,
her interests include barber surgery, food preservation, mortuary customs, and marginalized populations.