Info Point

  1. FAQ
  2. Accommodations
  3. Merchants
  4. Area Amenities


 1. FAQ

    1. When will the populace be allowed on site?
      • Designated land agents will be allowed on site the morning of Thursday, June 28.
      • All other event attendees are invited on site the afternoon of Thursday, June 28.
    2. How much does the event cost?
      • Event fee is $40 per adult (and a $5 discount with proof of membership in the SCA); $15 per child between the ages of 6-18; children under the age of 5 are free.
      • There will be a family cap of $100 for 2 adults and associated children.
      • See Registration / Register Here link for more registration details.
    3. Can I use PayPal?
      • If you choose to pay the event fee upon arrival, PayPal will not be available at the Gate.
    4. Is there a price difference for day-tripping vs camping?
      • The event fee is the same, regardless of your length of stay.  
      • There will be an additional $75 fee for RV hookups.
      • Day-trippers to the event will be directed to preferred parking upon check-in at the Gate.
    5. Are pets allowed on site?
      • No pets are permitted.


2. Accommodations

  • On-site
    • Tent Camping
      • Some tent rentals will be available.  Contact Traders of Tamerlane ( for more information.
      • Keep in mind that the site prohibits digging holes.  No sump pits, no fire pits. Plan accordingly.
      • There are coin-operated showers on site.  Info Point will be able to make change if you find yourself short on quarters.
      • The land allotment system will be like that used for Pennsic, at 250 square feet per person.
      • There is an area set aside for disability camping. This area is close to the center of the event and handicapped parking. There are grassy areas between short gravel paths that lead out to paved areas to get around the event. There will be a charging station available.
      • Dug fire pits are not allowed. Only raised fire bowls or pits are allowed. Please have some form of fire extinguishing materials handy.
    • RV
      • The Fairgrounds have 75+ RV sites with hookups. If you would like to bring your RV, there is a $75 charge on top of the event cost. This is what the Fairgrounds charges us.
  • Off-site
    • Hotels
      • The closest hotels are about 20-25 minutes from the site.  The major hotel chains are represented in Albany, Troy, Latham, and Clifton Park.
      • Positive recommendations have been received for the Residence Inn at the Albany Airport in Latham NY.  A group rate has not been negotiated for this property.
    • Crash space

3. Merchants

  • FOOD:
    •  Kate’s Kafe
      • Providing hot breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am-10am.
      • Also, fresh baked goods, cold beverages, and cold treats provided throughout the day.
    • Traders of  Tamerlane –
      • Yurts and handcrafted/imported asian wares (Lanterns, Ceramics, etc)
      • They are offering yurt rentals for the event!
    • Auntie Arwen’s – Home made spice blends, tea, tisane, select ingredients.
    • Brandr – Metal work, Fire sets, Decorative hooks, Viking blades, Horn Holders,  Various Pennsic centric camping items, custom feast gear.
    • Calontir – trim, lamellar armor, linen coifs, metalwork.
    • Egill’s – Furniture, fiber equipment and mirror boxes.
    • Firebird’s – hand-tied pearl necklaces, beaded earrings (both early and late period styles), Anglo-Saxon and Norse necklaces, Mongolian hats, Norse hats, pilgrim bags.
    • Game Gnight – Board Games and Toys.
    • Green Mountain Leathercraft – Leather goods, beads, jewelry, socks, misc.
    • Gryphon – Wood furniture, other wooden items and wooden games.
    • Historical – blown glass.
    • HoneyApple – Make your own mead kits and honey
    • Hrymgnar’s New + Used Booty – Handcrafted leather + suede belts and  belt + shoulder pouches, feast gear, jewelry, books, repro + antique weapons and whatever misc. items I find to delight the SCAdian consumer.
    • Longship Trading Company – feast gear, hats, candy, provisions, cutlery, period toys, calligraphy supplies, jewelry, misc.
    • Miriam’s Yarns & Fibers – Yarns, Fibers, sari’s as raw material, notions.
    • Moonshea Botanicals Soapworks – Handmade natural soap & bath teas.
    • Munitions Grade – Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Hilts, Armor.
    • North Star – Books, jewelry and artifacts, possibly armour.
    • Paisley Peacock Body period and custom henna designs, afghani rugs and jewelry. Turkish coffee and baklava.
    • Panther Dragon – Leather goods, jewelry, dice.
    • Plunder Sisters – An eclectic mix of items that everyone needs.
    • Rockmaple – Handmade knives, ironwork, jewelry.
    • Sigrid and Magnus Leather – Belts, pouches, haversacks, bracers, arm guards, Viking hats, hoods, quivers, and other various leather accessories.
    • Sunshadow – handmade historical replica dress accessories, jewelry, and household goods.  SCA regalia, award medallions, and coronets. Historic reproduction knives and swords (as well as modern) and SCA list legal fencing equipment. SCA list legal fencing blades.
    • T. F. Woodcraft – handmade wooden items specializing in fiber arts including embroidery frames, drop spindles, but also some light furniture.
    • The Burlap Beggar – Used furs, tankards, steel, armor, garb, feastware.
    • The Wandering Needle – beaded jewelry and buttons.
    • Yosef – Books, Scrimshaw Medallions (for SCA and EK Orders), perhaps some beads.


4. Area Amenities*


  • Hoosic Valley Shop & Save (a Hannaford affiliate)
    6 Main St., Schaghticoke, NY 12154, 518-753-6660
    .3 miles from site


  • Schaghticoke Wines & Spirits
    8 Main St., 518-753-0432


  • Rite Aid
    4 Main St. 518-753-0149


  • Wiley Brothers Inc
    1854 NY-40, 518-753-4266
  • Hoosac Valley Farmer’s Exchange (a trueValue)
    212 S. Main St., 518-753-6911


  • Trustco Bank

Convenience store

  • Stewart’s Shop
    62 Main St, Schaghticoke, NY 12154, 518-753-0109
    .5 miles from site
  • Stewart’s Shop
    781 Hudson Ave, Stillwater, NY 12170, 518-664-9083


  • Schag A Val – Diner & Pizzeria
    61 Main St., 518-753-0290
  • Chrissy’s Cravings – Ice Cream
    152 Main St., 518-753-7670
  • Sammy Cohen’s – Comfort food
    188 Main St., 518-753-2158
  • Prospectors – Bar & grill
    1544 NY-40, 518-753-2085

*these are not meant as endorsements of area businesses, but provided as additional information*