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EK50th Gate (Check-in)

Greetings from the Head of Gate, Mistress Constance de Saint Denis.

Please read through the following information as it will make your check-in as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Constance(email link here).

Before the Event


You can pre-register online by going here:

You can also pay by check (made out to Sca inc- East kingdom) on the form above by selecting “pay by check” and follow the instructions provided.

Your pre-registration helps us plan earlier and better for the number of attendees. Please pre-register if you are able.

Site fee will be:

$40/adult *

$15/minor ages 6-17

$0 for minors 5 and under

There will be a family cap of $110 for 2 adults and copious children (plus
a $5 discount for each adult member)

Registration deadline is June 16 both by mail and via paypal online.

*There is a $5 discount for adult members of the SCA

Please print out or keep on your phone the email paypal sends you as a receipt. It will be helpful in case of issues.

What you need to bring to Check In

You need these things: the Entry fee (if you have not pre-registered), an ID, and proof of membership (if applicable).

If you are bringing Minors with you please see below for the forms you will need.

Please Note: No refunds if you find your membership after checking in.

Service Animals

  • No pets are permitted. This includes (but is not limited to) ferrets, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and snakes.

  • Fully trained ADA qualifying service animals are permitted. All service animals must check-in with the Disability Services Coordinator.

    • To speed your check-in, you can submit a Disability Services request form before you leave for the event, to let us know you will be bringing a service animal.

At the Event

Check-in Times

11am – Midnight

9am – midnight

9am – 6pm

10-12 Help us breakdown

At the Gate

1. Entry Fees

We will be able to take Cash and Check at Gate. We CAN NOT take PayPal on-site, please bring acceptable forms of payment with you.

Site fee will be:


$15/minor ages 6-18

$0 for minors 5 and under

There will be a family cap of $110 for 2 adults and copious children.

  • Adults with proof of SCA membership get a $5 discount.

  • There are no single day admission rates for visitors; this includes family, friends and Clergy. Everyone attending EK 50th must pay the full site fee.

2. ID

All adults (ages 18 and older) and emancipated minors will need an ID. We just want some proof that you are you. School ID, state ID, work ID etc are all ok.

3. Proof of membership

To obtain the $5 discount, please bring proof of membership for each adult member checking in.

Valid items are:

  • a current blue or white SCA membership card

  • a newsletter label with your name, member # and expiration date
    (note: Newsletters only prove membership of the person whose name is on them, NOT family or household members.)

  • Proof of Membership Letter (available from

  • other verification issued by the SCA Milpitas office.

Fighter authorization cards are NOT acceptable forms of proof of membership.

If you are using an online version of the Proof of Membership Letter on a tablet or smartphone, please have it pulled up when you arrive at the counter to check in.

Membership discount refunds cannot be given if proof of membership is found after check-in.

Checking in Children

If you are bringing in a minor, you will also need forms with signatures form the parent, and a notarized form for potential medical treatment. The forms are found here:

Fees for minors:

$15/minor ages 6-18

$0 for minors 5 and under


  • We WILL NOT give out personal information at Gate. This includes who is on site and where they are camped. This is a privacy issue; please respect it.